In conjunction with HID lamps REFLUX with internal silver reflector luminaries REFLUX provide a basis for a new generation of compact luminaries with HID lamps.


  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to longer service life and lower drop in luminous fluxпатрон PGX Eng.jpg
  • HID lamps REFLUX with internal silver reflector are more efficient at 15-20% than traditional tubular lamps 
  • Quick and easy lamp replacement
  • Resistance to external influences
  • Compact
  • Modern design
  • Simplicity and safety of use
  • Lamp base:  E40 or PGX

All luminaries REFLUX are adapted for use with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts. We recommend electronic ballasts:

  • save energy compared to electromagnetic up to 30%
  • stabilize the voltage
  • no stroboscopic effect
  • very long average lifetime: up to 50,000 h
  • compact

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